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Renewable Energy Systems; especially what appliance you can power with them, are largely dependent on three things. Your site location/ environment, what you'd want to use it for including its duration and whether you can afford it.

Typical applications for renewable energy systems include:


  • Grid-connected wind & solar systems for homes and workplaces;
  • Remote buildings and homes;
  • Domestic solar water heating;
  • Battery charging systems on boats, caravans and motor-homes;
  • Holiday homes;
  • Villas;
  • Electricity supply & distribution for island or rural communities;
  • Portable lighting;
  • Power systems;
  • Telemetry power systems and microwave repeater links etc;
  • Navigation aids;
  • Anywhere away from the mains or relying on a costly fuel supply;
  • Anyone who wants to use clean, renewable energy to make their own power!